Comfort of touch:
Even though it looks cold like marble, Kerrock is warm to the touch. The structure od its surface is attractive and welcoming. The feeling of comfort is transferred to anyone, that touches it.

Chemical resistance:
Stains from fruit, vegetables, fruit juices, refreshing and alcoholic drinks and also disinfectants, dont harm the surface. A very commended property of Kerrock and is its resistance to chemicals.

Impact resistance:
Kerrock is impact resistant, its surface prevents damage and and keeps a nice look of smooth surfaces.

Resistance to temperature change:
Climate resistance and insensitivity to microclimate increase the usability of Kerrock panels.

Easy cleaning and maintenance:
Stains can be cleaned with water and usual cleaning detergents. We recommend abrasive cleaning agents, that quickly restore kerrocks. With the help of sanding and polishing we can restore the surface completly.

Health integrity:
Kerrock is  je medically sound and is suitable for products that come in contact with food.

Heat resistance and self-extinguishing:
Kerrock is resistant to hot dishes. Cigarette ash is easily cleaned with abrasive cleaning agents. Kerrock is self-extinguishable, Because in the case of a fire and extreme temperatures the substance starts to decompose to oxide and water.

Custom shaping

Kerrock is a composite material, of which the fundamental materials are aluminum oxide and a polimer bonding agent based of acrillic. It is processed like wood or softer metals, it can also be heat treated and molded. It keeps the hardness of natural rock and the look of ceramics,  it is most notrably commended for its durability, color diversity and endless options of shaping and use.

The material is smooth, non-porous and homogeneous in both monochrome and granite and terrazzo effects. It is glued with glues in the color of Kerrock, which makes invisible joints. Kerrock is warm to the touch, resistant to chemicals medicaly sound, Resistant to temperature changes. Kerrock kitchen sinks and Kerrock bathroom bowls (27 different shapes and sizes) are available in monochrome and granite effects. Kerrock colors are in one color, granite and terrazzo effect (80 color versions).