We are a company with a 15-year tradition of manufacturing kitchen counters,

other kitchen, bathroom and laboratory elements from composite materials (Kerrock). Our main activity is the manufacture, processing and installation of kitchen counters, sinks, bathroom sinks and other elements from Kerrock.
We act on the market as holders and subcontractors. We export many products to EU countries. In addition to residential and commercial buildings, our products are also installed on various ships, from small sailboats, yachts and ferries to cruise ships. An important segment of our work also covers the equipping of medical centers, commercial and residential buildings, hotels and kindergartens.

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I hope that TRADITION will remain our guide..

The tradition of family carpentry dates back to 1923, when my grandfather Jože Plut started his business. His initial enthusiasm paid off quickly. He became known as a reliable, accurate and recognized carpenter. They made bedrooms, kitchens and other furniture to order. He successfully passed on his knowledge to employees and apprentices. Many of these later successfully continued their own carpentry business..

In 1946, as his seventh child, my father was born. According to tradition, he was named Jože. He was the only male descendant and, as befits those times, was immediately appointed as his successor. He also successfully continued his work in 1969. From the very beginning, he realized that without good machines, there are no good products. He has invested rapidly in modern technology.

I was born in 1977. The tradition is repeated again. My name is Jože and I also finished carpentry school. My father had to retire early in 1987 due to health reasons.

I took over the workshop in 2004. I immediately realized that the time of general carpenters had passed. So I specialized in making kitchens especially kitchen counters from composite materials.

Due to the need for quality products, I was forced to start a large investment cycle, which I completed in 2009. I decided to buy more computer-aided machines. Our production is one of the most technologically equipped in terms of professional as well as environmental standards. The complete product manufacturing cycle takes place on new machines.

We appear on the market as carriers or also as contractors. We export many products to EU countries. Our products are installed on various ships, from small sailboats, yachts, ferries to cruisers. An important segment is also the equipment of medical centers, business and residential buildings, hotels, kindergartens…

In the end, let’s not forget the tradition that branches through the entire presentation. I am the father of three boys.

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